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Krabi Shopping | Tips on paying in Krabi

Paying in Krabi is a lot different from the style prevalent in western countries. When going out for a round of drinks in Krabi, you are sure your Thai friends will not take advantage of your money at restaurants or make you end up paying in Krabi. The only reason you may end up paying in Krabi is because you are either the oldest or the richest in the group, or if it is your birthday.

The wealthiest pays in Krabi

According to Thai culture, it is inherent that the oldest or wealthiest person in a party or group ends up paying in Krabi. In fact, when in a group of friends you may at times find it insulting when you are not offered an opportunity in paying in Krabi towards the bill amount. You will not be allowed to paying in Krabi because you are younger than others in the group are.

Paying in Krabi is possible for special occasion

Even if you are in a group of friends, you are not allowed paying in Krabi as the people of Krabi don't permit the guest to foot the bill. Even if you had spent a considerable amount in food and drinks, your money will not be welcome in paying bills in Krabi. So don't try invoking your western ideals about paying in Krabi as it is not advisable nor acceptable.

So the best time for you to go out with your friends in Thai would be on special occasions like your birthday or wedding anniversary. This way you need not worry about not being permitted to paying in Krabi, or feel obligated at eating and drinking for free and at their money!

You will have to bear the expenses of a date in Krabi

Another important point to remember when you go dating in Krabi is that you will be expected to cover all the expenses of the date. Though it may not always be the case, there is a possibility of romance by financial osmosis when dating in Krabi. In fact, at times you may get irritated when you are expected to pay for everything by your Krabi sweetheart.

One difference in the people in Krabi and westerners is that your lifestyle is more demanding than theirs as they don't actually think of spending money on the luxuries you always spend your money on. There is a possibility of you being goaded into buying gifts here and there in Krabi. This is quite normal for you to show your genuine interest to the people of Krabi.

Some locals of course, prefer sharing bills in Krabi

If you look like the wealthiest person who has quite a lot of money to spend, you are most likely to be persuaded into paying the bill at the end of the night; though it may not be your birthday party. This is because the people of Krabi consider gaining recognition for their status a far more important aspect than worrying about the costs of the party.

Of course, there is always a possibility of these Krabi rules being broken. There are many locals of Krabi that go out with you and are more than willing to share the bill. This is because the customs and culture of Krabi is always changing where those who feel they are more modern oriented tend to adopt western ideals.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008