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Krabi Shopping | Krabi shopping and things to buy

Nearly all tourists to Krabi have something or the other to go Krabi shopping for while in Krabi. You are sure to find something special to take back home when you go Krabi shopping for a suit or bargain hunting in Krabi

Make sure you bargain with street vendors when you go Krabi shopping

You find street vendors in all street corners of Krabi exhibiting their goods that range from silk scarves to sarongs to laser pens. However whatever you are interested in buying while Krabi shopping, make sure you do so only after bargaining. If not, just smile and walk away.

The antique lover finds beautiful Thai, Khmer, Burmese and Chinese antiques a great buy in Krabi shopping. As some antiques may need an export license, deal with a reputed dealer who will advise you on the restrictions and documentation you have to do. Gems like rubies and sapphires are found in abundance in Krabi; so get one for yourself while you go Krabi shopping in Krabi.

Get designer wear suits tailored for you in Krabi shopping

Today, Thailand is a leading manufacturer of ready to wear clothes. You can go Krabi shopping at boutiques for designer wear and at street vendors for cheaper clothing like T-shirts and jeans. There are also many custom tailors that will produce any style, quite promptly, at reasonable rates. They even produce 'designer label' copies of suits that may infuriate its designers, but may make your dream come true while Krabi shopping.

The furniture of Krabi is a must buy during your Krabi shopping trip to Krabi. The catch of the day are its rattan and rosewood furniture that are found in numerous designs and styles. If required, you can also design and order your furniture and have them shipped to your place, with the right arrangements.

Don't forget the Nielloware of Krabi

Handicrafts are something the Tha´s and those in Krabi are famous for. And one beautiful form of handicraft that has been around in Krabi for hundreds of years is nielloware. This is a beautiful and delicate art of decorating gold and silver objects with delicate designs in a metal inlay. This is a must buy as a souvenir when in Krabi.

Beautify your home with orchids of Krabi

Nielloware ranges from vases to boxes and trays and are really beautiful. Being crafted from precious metals of great value, they prove to be great souvenirs when returning home from Krabi.

Thailand is famous for its variety of orchids. This is why many tourists in Krabi buy these colorful and beautiful orchids when going shopping. You need not worry if you have a long journey home as there are specially packed orchids, with an arranged water supply for you to take on your journey home. You find orchids conveniently located in Krabi in numerous locations including Gift shops of the international airports of Krabi.

Don't leave Krabi without some form of Thai silk

Besides nielloware, pewter ware is something else Thailand is famous for. This is a handicraft fashioned by Thai craftsmen where its smooth and silky finish is enhanced by decorative relief. You find plats, vases, boxes and pocket flasks in pewter ware, all around Krabi.

Never leave Krabi without buying something in Thai silk. Thai silk is a famous handicraft of Krabi that is found in a variety of colors, plays and patterns. You can buy them by the yard, as clothes or as souvenirs. The Mat Mee is a unique form of Thai silk which is a tie-dye silk that is traditional to North East of Thailand.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008