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Getting around Krabi with private transportation

Krabi Transport | Choose between private and public transportation for getting

You have a choice of private and public transportation for getting around Krabi. For public transportation there are songtaew buses, taxis and tuk tuks while cars and motorcycles can be rented for your own use for getting around Krabi. If you prefer to drive your own vehicle getting around Krabi, make sure your vehicle is insured, to avoid problems while getting around Krabi.

Renting cars and bikes basically give you the freedom to getting around Krabi at your leisure and time. There are many car rentals in Krabi which you can find at the airport or through the help of tour agents or your hotel. Though your car may not be up to the mark, ensure that it is in good condition as some cars can be the worse for wear.

Hiring a car with driver is cheap, saves time and safer for getting around Krabi

Renting motorcycles is a cheap and reliable way of getting around Krabi. You can choose between the basic 125cc bikes to automatic scooters that cost about 150 to 250 baht per day. However ensure that you wear helmets as Krabi roads can be rather dangerous, while locals are reckless drivers. Remember motorcycles in Krabi are never insured, so if you end up in an accident, you will be liable for accident or theft.

Instead of you driving your car while getting around Krabi, you can save time and find it more convenient to hire a car with a driver. This is because with this choice, you will be able to decide your own itinerary in getting around Krabi. You just have to discuss this matter with your driver, and fix on the right price for your schedule. Moreover, you won't end up lost driving in Krabi and you can spend more time looking out of the window, instead of road signs.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008

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