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Krabi Transport | Choose between air, road, boat or rail for getting to Krabi
Longtail Boats At Ao Nang

Getting to Krabi is possible by road, rail, air and boat. If you prefer getting to Krabi by boat, there are two routes you can use. One is the Phuket-Koh Phi Phi-Krabi while the other route for getting to Krabi is from the eastern coast of Krabi. This is the most preferred route by tourists.

You can take taxis, vans, rent cars or rent songtao services for getting to Krabi and Ao Nang. There are also regular a/c and non a/c buses that leave from Phuket to Krabi every hour, from 7 am. You also find tusk-tuks, motor cycle taxis, cars, rental jeeps and mini vans for getting to Krabi. However as there are also many uninsured vehicles, check on insurance before you drive a vehicle.

Taxi transfer from Krabi airport can be booked online for getting to Krabi

Getting to Krabi is not possible directly by rail; you have to go by rail to Nakhon Si Thammarat, and then change to a bus or taxi for getting to Krabi. However it is possible to reach Krabi by air using Thai airways, Nok Air, Air Asia, Tiger Airways and One-Two-Go.

There is an airport transfer of a taxi and van that you can avail of once you reach Krabi. It is possible to make online reservations for your air conditioned and comfortable taxis and vans for getting to Krabi.

Getting to Krabi is possible from Phi Phi Island and Krabi Island by boat. The ferry at Chaofa ship berth is where you land in Krabi by boat. Besides ferries and boats, there are also long tail boats available that help in getting to Krabi once they are full.

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

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Longtail Boats At Ao Nang
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