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Longtail Boats At Ao Nang

There are many islands around Krabi that you can visit during your visit to Krabi. There are many ferries and Krabi boats you can charter for your independent travel to these islands when in Krabi. If you are not comfortable with the handling of a boat, you can always charter speedboats with drivers.

The prices of hiring of these Krabi boats all depend on the destination you wish to visit. However usually the rates start at 1200 Baht for a half day trip to the islands of Chicken, Koh Tub and Poda and can reach rates as high as 12,000 Bahts a day for the use of a speedboat to Phi Phi.

Use tour agents to hire your Krabi speedboats

You can hire speedboats for your traveling needs either through tour agents, or from the hotel reception. However longtail Krabi boats are generally found on beaches where you can hire them by directly talking to the drivers. Though you may find hiring longtail Krabi boats to be cheaper than speedboats, remember that they are less reliable where you may end up spending and paying for hours waiting for the boat driver to fix the engine. Moreover, these Krabi boats tend to be rather noisy.

Longtail Krabi boats leave once they have their minimum number of passengers

A typical trip from Ao Nang to Railey costs about 60 Bahts per person with a longtail taxi-boat. However these Krabi boats usually leave once they have their minimum number of customers in the bus. Their minimum number is actually 4 to 5 customers; but many drivers wait till there are about 8 to 10 people before setting sail. These Krabi boats are found parked on the beach where you can get directions from the drivers on the next boat to catch to your destination.

It is also possible to reach Railay from Chao Fah Pier using a longtail Krabi boat. However as these Krabi boats are not that frequent, you may at times be dropped at the east of the beach where you will then have to walk to your resort.

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

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