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Krabi Transport | Some tips to follow when driving in Krabi

There are many car rentals in Krabi where you can hire a car for your traveling needs in Krabi. However make sure you have an international license when driving in Krabi, along with a valid insurance. This is because one of the greatest health hazards in Krabi is reckless driving.

Careful on mountain curves when driving in Krabi

It is important that you be careful when driving in Krabi along narrow roads that curve through the mountains of Krabi. You never know when you meet an abrupt end or curve in the mountain that proves to be dangerous while driving in Krabi. Signals are used rather infrequently in Krabi; so be ready for anything when driving in Krabi. Don't be surprised to find cars doing anything, any time.

You may notice while driving in Krabi that most drivers are rather courteous to each other. Moreover, they don't tend to drive fast in built up areas. So if you are aware of your location when driving in Krabi, it is likely that you won't encounter any problems.

Explore Krabi using not only cars, but also with motorcycles

You can also rent motorcycles in Krabi; however when driving in Krabi on bikes, resist letting the wind blow through your hair. Make it a point to always use a helmet when driving in Krabi, though it may seem that no one else uses a helmet. When driving in Krabi, be careful of patches of sand on corners of roads as they may make you skid when driving fast.

Drivers driving in Krabi tend to pull out recklessly in the face of oncoming traffic, tend to stop when they like and where they like and usually overtake vehicles in front of approaching vehicles. As motorcycle rental in Krabi comes without any insurance, be careful when driving in Krabi as you will be held responsible for all damages, thefts and accidents with the motorcycle.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008

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