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Public transportation to travel in Krabi

Krabi Transport | Choose your taxi driver wisely to enjoy your travel in Krabi

You have a wide option of public transportation for you to choose from to travel in Krabi. There are taxis, tuk-tuks, songtaew and buses that take you travel in Krabi. There are also ferries and boats you can use to visit the other islands from Krabi.

You find many taxis on Beach Road, with drivers having limited knowledge of English. So it is better to talk with a few drivers to choose the best driver who can work as a chauffeur to you too, with the necessary communication. You will however be ready to pay about 1800 baht per car, per day, including petrol costs.

Choose your bus according to the address on the buses when you travel in Krabi

You can also hire taxis and tuk-tuks following the prices marked on a board near the car. However as some drivers respond to bargaining, you may hire for lowered rates to travel in Krabi. You can take the bus for trips to travel in Krabi town, to beach areas or use songtaew which are converted pick up trucks with a roof and seats in the back.

You can choose the right bus depending on the destination written on the bus to travel in Krabi, where one-way tickets are rarely more than 30 Baht per person. As there are no specific bus stops, you can flag buses when you see them when you travel in Krabi, and pay the driver when alighting the bus. Bus services start in the early morning, and end around 9pm.

Banks in Krabi ensure continuous traveling pleasure during your stay

There are many banks in Krabi that provide standard services and ATM services during week days. The currency exchange centers are open seven days a week, including holidays while there are many ATMs found in many places in Ao Nang Beach. So there is no worry of you ever running out of cash to travel in Krabi, and pay for all your other expenses while in Krabi.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008

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