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Thailand has the possession of another beautiful beach called the Tonsai Beach. The Tonsai Beach is in Krabi and this place is very popular among the climbers as it is a magnificent location for rock climbing. Common tourists are also attracted to this place as the accommodations are not very expensive here. The Tonsai region is round around the edges compared to its neighbours, Rai Leh and Aonang. The Tonsai Beach is not suitable for swimming as the beach becomes rocky at the time the tide goes out. There is no land access to Tonsai, so the best way to reach there for the visitors is to arrive by boat. There are long-tail boats which stop originates from Aonang and reaches Rai Leh which is at a walking distance of 10-15 minutes from Tonsai. One can even reach Tonsai within 2 minutes on a long-tail.

Route to Tonsai Beach

It is possible to access Tonsai in Krabi by foot from Rai Leh, in three different ways:

Firstly, during low tide, it is a 10 minute walk from Tonsai, Krabi to Rai Leh along the rocky outcrops which separates these two regions.

Secondly, during high tide, the best option is to climb up on the steep path rather than the densely covered rocky outcrop. This also takes around 10 minutes.

The third and the least used option by travelers is the walking trail that extends from the northern edge of Tonsai, Krabi to Rai Leh, located close to the Diamond cave region. This is a forested area and a walking distance is about 20 minutes long covered with thick jungle and bungalows along the way.

But there is a word of caution for the tourists trying to reach Tonsai in the above mentioned ways. One should not try to walk along any of these paths at night without a torch or flashlight. The reason behind this is that these paths are laden with thick foliage and jungles with slippery and muddy paths after rainfall. These routes for covering Tonsai, Krabi by foot are fun for the healthy adventurous traveler, who are interested in climbing but for others it's always safe and easy to travel to Tonsai, Krabi by the long-tail boat. The only way one can go around Tonsai is on foot. The main things that connect the whole place are the beach and the main road. The area of the Tonsai Beach can be covered within 5 minutes. During the rainy season the road becomes very muddy.

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2008

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