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Transportation in Krabi

Krabi Transport | The varied options you have for Krabi transportation

Krabi transportation proves to be rather convenient with the many buses, taxis and motorbikes you can hire to travel on the island. There is an excellent public transport system that meets your Krabi transportation needs here. Buses tend to depart from Krabi town to Ao Nang beach, noppharatara beach and Aonammo beach, making it easier for you to reach these beaches.

Make sure you know the roads of Krabi when using Krabi transportation

If you don't like the idea of taking a bus as your Krabi transportation means, you could hire taxis or motorcycles to get around Krabi. Though it is possible to flag down taxis wherever you are, it is better to order one online or through the hotel you stay in. this is so that you get an idea of the rates of this form of Krabi transportation. Without any knowledge about taxi and motorcycle rates, the drivers will hike up their rates and demand quite a sum from you.

You can order for air-conditioned taxis for your Krabi transportation, which proves to be rather comfortable and seats 2 people comfortably, with your luggage. If you need Krabi transportation for 3 or more people, you could consider hiring mini buses or vans for better comfort.

The converted pick up truck is a form of Krabi transportation

While traveling around Krabi, don't get surprised if you come along a converted pick up truck offering Krabi transportation. This is something that is common, and in many cases, the preferred mode of Krabi transportation for the locals.

Krabi transportation is not only available on land; you can also find Krabi transportation to the nearby islands of Krabi. There are ferries and water taxis operating near the coast to surrounding islands.

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2009

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