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Krabi Weather Radar

Real time Krabi weather radar images showing current weather activity on and around the island. It's ideal for planning a day at the beach or a morning of golf. Cloud formations are coloured depending on how much rain they contain. Green indicates a light to mid shower but anything yellow and above will be a significant amount of rain.

Because it is animated in real time you don't see into the future but you can see clouds or storms as they travel Krabi from 120km away in all directions. You can see the size and the speed the clouds are moving and plan accordingly. Simple.

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Krabi weather and weather seasons

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

There are two distinct seasons in Krabi weather, which are the hot and dry season that extends from November to April and the cool and wet season of May to October. These two seasons of Krabi weather arise from the two tropical monsoons where one brings winds from the northeast and the other, from the southwest... read more.