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Krabi weather and weather seasons

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There are two distinct seasons in Krabi weather, which are the hot and dry season that extends from November to April and the cool and wet season of May to October. These two seasons of Krabi weather arise from the two tropical monsoons where one brings winds from the northeast and the other, from the southwest.

You never can predict Krabi weather

However Krabi weather is never constant as you can never know when to expect rain in the dry season or find sunny spells during the 'rainy' season. It is only possible to fervently predict the very, very hot Krabi weather in March and April and that there is maximum rainfall in the month of September in Krabi.

Keeping all this in mind, it is better for you to visit Krabi in the months of January or February when the Krabi weather is the best here. The Krabi weather during these months is not that hot and there is only a slim chance of any downpours. As this is the peak season for tourists to visit Krabi, hotels and beaches are generally full. There are some tourists who however prefer visiting Krabi in the rainy season as this is the season when Krabi is cooler, cheaper and less crowded.

The nights of Krabi weather are rather cold

If you opt for booking a holiday between May and October, it proves to be a gamble to you as this when Krabi weather may have sunny days that are punctuated with heavy showers. So while in your Krabi trip, you may end up with a spell of sunny days, or rainy days with the unpredictable Krabi weather.

The day temperature in Krabi weather ranges between 28 to 32 degree Celsius. However this may rise to 37 degrees in March and April or drop to as low as 18 degrees during rain storms. As the night temperature in Krabi may drop to as low as 5 to 10 degrees, it is better to use a non-wooly sweaters in the evenings. However the sea temperature of Krabi is usually constant throughout the year, at 28 degrees Celsius.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008