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Krabi is the perfect place to do nothing, but when you want to get yourself moving, there's a wide choice of things to do. A world-class destination for diving and rock climbing, many visitors plan their holiday around those activities.

Kayaking At Railay Beach



Gallery Photos
Railay Beach Kayaking
Railay Beach in Krabi
Railay Rock Cliffs From The Kayak
Girls In The Boat
Kayaking is a great activity to explore the famous limestone cliffs and towers rising vertical out of the Andaman Sea all around both of the Railey beaches. You can Kayak from one of Railey's beaches to another, or even to one of the islands nearby. Kayak rentals are available from Railey

Khao Sok Park Tour



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Khao Sok - Fuchsia Like Flowers
Khao Sok - View From Veranda
Klong Sok River In Khao Sok
Khao Sok - Elephant Passing A Rubber Farm
Khao Sok National Park, located not far from both Krabi and Phuket and easily reachable by day trip, offers one of the most panoramic scenery in southern Thailand. Huge limestone cliffs are covered in one of the oldest rain forests of the world. In between are deep valleys, breathtaking la

Railay Rock Climbing



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Railay Beach rock climbing instructor
Climbing progress at a Railay Beach cliff
Rock Climbing at a Railay Bay cliff tower
Limestone walls in Railay Bay Krabi
Railay Beach, on the Krabi coastline neighboring Ao Nang Beach, has been attracting climbers for many years. Towering cliffs of limestone overlook stunning beaches and a vista of weirdly shaped islands and rocky outcrops. Crags and overhangs provide an ideal climbing environment.