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Krabi is a part of Thailand that has not only a mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Chinese and Tha´s, there is also a small minority of sea gypsies here that all contribute to the varied culture of Krabi. It is because of the famous Thai spirit of tolerance that all these groups of people live in harmony and mutual respect with each other while contributing to the Krabi culture scene of Krabi.

Songkran In Ao Nang



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Songkran In Ao Nang
Great fun at the Thai New Year in Ao Nang Beach
Pickup full of girls at Songkran In Ao Nang
Fun for the whole family at Songkran In Ao Nang
Ao Nang Beach and Krabi are generally known as laid-back, quiet holiday destinations. All this changes on Songkran however, the Thai New Year: water will be splashed on passers-by, sometimes from pickup trucks driving past. In general this is a time to enjoy oneself following the Thai attit