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Overview of Railay Garden View

Welcome to one of the most beautiful place on earth.

Railay is well known as a destination for rock climbing. Even if you are not a rock climber, the charm of the cliff and the beatiful beaches are very attractive to tourist around the world. Imagine that you are sitting on the white sandy beach and looking at the Sunset, when the sunshine sparking on the sea and going down into the water. This moment will be your memorial time drawn as a romantic scene in once of your life.

If the scene I show you is much budget to pay for luxury resort nearby the beach. My Railay Garden View Resort offer a value choice for your holiday.

Here, we would like you become happy with simply stay, going back to nature and trendy to care our environment. From Railay Garden View! Just step down to the west beach, the romantic scene is yours.

Rooms of Railay Garden View

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THB 841 / night

THB 943 / night

THB 986 / night

THB 1,232 / night

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